Monday, July 2, 2012

The reason our country is struggling....poor people.

I'm really getting tired of conservatives attacking the poor.  I guess the poor will be the scapegoat of the current age.  I've been hearing a lot of negative comments about "welfare" recipients, which usually just means anyone on food stamps.  All food stamp recipients are made out to be fat, uneducated, drug-users who never work.  What I don't understand is why education and child care are not seen as "welfare" by these same conservatives? 

Usually, any statement against "welfare" recipients begins with, "I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's (fill-in the blank).  Why is it morally deplorable to force citizens to pay for someone else's food but not morally deplorable to force citizens to pay for someone else's children to attend Head Start, kindergarten, or day care?  Are we really saying parents shouldn't be expected to have to watch their own children or teach their children the basics of colors, shapes, phonics, writing letters, counting, addition, and subtraction, but that we need government programs and other people's money to do these things.  Methinks the reason why conservatives don't complain about these things is because they use this type of government welfare and so therefore justify its necessity. 

I also think conservatives want everyone to be a good little taxpayer and that the only goal in life is to make a ton of money.  I want conservatives to stop pretending to care about traditional family values.  You are not promoting family values if you expect poor or middle class married women to work instead of caring for their children while seeing nothing wrong with an entire generation of children being raised by government daycare programs and government schools for elementary education.  You are not honoring traditional marriage or traditional family values if you believe only rich people should have children or only rich people's children should reap the benefits of having a stay-at-home parent.  You are not going to improve the morality of a nation or the repair the breakdown of the family by expecting all married women to work while their children get raised by the collective.

If it is time to crack down on welfare, maybe we should start cracking down on all types of welfare and government subsidies equally.  Public schools were created to educate those who were incapable of educating themselves.  They shouldn't be used as an excuse for parents to expect someone else to do a job they are quite capable of doing and should be doing themselves.   

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